More About Me

With a propensity for Customer Service, and a passion for serving people, I have spent over 20 years of my career within health and social care services, working with the most vulnerable in our communities – from Caregiver, Manager to Ownership – my journey offered me the opportunity to meet and impact many lives, which I add was reciprocal in impacting my own life.

In recent years, after migrating from the shores of the United Kingdom to Florida, our childhood vacationing destination, my partner and I found our place to call home here, in 2013.  Surrounded by our four legged family, we have always maintained a strong connection to the community, with service in our hearts.

As a Realtor, my goal is to utilize my skills, and my passion for Florida, to help those, who like me, are searching for their ‘place to call home’.  With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, integrity and with a natural need to see others flourish, I feel this enables me to provide the strongest pillars of support to my customers and clients. Transition for many can be daunting, but with my support I feel together we can create a seamless pathway to the door to your new home.