Tips from your Realtor October Homeowner Smart Steps October Homeowner Smart Steps! As we near the end of October, I thought I would share this article, to serve as a Checklist of items that you may wish to review for your home. Wishing you all a Happy Halloween this coming weekend! 6 Tasks That Every Smart Homeowner Does in October Why now’s the […]
Special Events & Community Hurricane Ian – Recovery Support Hurricane Ian – Recovery Support Firstly, I want to send my heartfelt wishes to all those that have endured physical and emotional trauma from recent Hurricane Ian.  This destructive storm, destroyed not only property, but also the emotional impact was immense. In an effort to share information, I have researched some key information that may […]
Knowing me...Knowing you! Hello “ween” It’s almost here! Hello ‘Ween’ is almost here everyone!!! It’s getting close to Halloween everyone! Please share your pictures of your decorations, I would love to see them!! And 39% get egged. I kid, kind of 😉. Do you decorate for Halloween? If not, what season do you enjoy decorating for? Also, your home ownership journey does not […]
Tips from your Realtor Do’s and Don’ts – Getting to the Closing Table! Do’s and Don’ts! Getting to the Closing Table can be full of demands from different parties involved in the transaction. Do not fear! I am here to help you as your Realtor. In this short video, I offer some critical tips, to keep you on track with that all important financing. There are some important […]
Appreciation Corner Balloons! Balloons! Balloons! Balloons! Don’t we all just love a great and unique gift! This is the work of Lewis Salter, a great Balloon Creator that I know very well! (He is my husband!) These are just a sample of the amazing and creative spirit that he has.  If you are in need of a great Balloon […]
Tips from your Realtor September Spruce Up! It’s September everyone!!! Fresh out of Labor Day, we can take a fresh peek at our homes in readiness for the autumnal season and preparations. Check out this great article on 4 activities that we can undertake to set our homes up!   4 Things Proactive Homeowners Do in September Fall’s cooler temps are perfect […]
Knowing me...Knowing you! Florida Realtor Conference – Realtor Knowledge = Client Satisfaction Realtor Knowledge = Client Satisfaction I am a firm believer that knowledge-based care is important. This is no less true in the world of Real Estate. During the week, I had the pleasure of attending the Florida Realtors Conference, which was enriched with education, networking, and of course a little fun thrown in. Our conference […]
Special Events & Community Friday Morning Humor and Weekend Plans Friday morning humor from your local & global Realtor   The weekend is approaching! What are you plans?  Hopefully you are going to take some well earned rest and relaxation.   If you are new to the area then there are some great places to check out in Hernando County that you might enjoy.  Here […]
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Tips from your Realtor Housing Market – Correction not Crash! Housing Market – Correction not Crash! Over the last couple of weeks, I had the pleasure of listening to multiple individuals, discussing the current Housing Market. Equally, today I was reading an interesting article in the National Association of Realtors, Realtor Magazine, written by Melissa Dittman Tracy. The article alongside recent commentary I have been […]
Charity Making a Pet Paradise! Making a Pet Paradise Pet’s are often the central part of our home.  Many of us, benefit from the unconditional love that our animals offer us. In addition to the article which I am sharing with you, I also wanted to provide you with a link to how to register for an Emotional Support Animal […]
Knowing me...Knowing you! Listing your home! Making a Change – Let me be your Realtor of Choice Good Afternoon Everyone! It is a marvelous Monday today! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Listing your home is a scary thought, mixed with the excitement of finding somewhere new to make your home. Are you changing jobs and need to relocate? I want to move from city life to a more rural life? […]
Charity Favors for Furbabies Favors for Furbabies was a huge success! Over the last month, Dennis Realty & Investment Corporation has been collecting much needed items for the Community Pet Project.  It was my pleasure, on Friday 15th July to deliver these items to Rhonda, the Executive Director of the CPP. Courtesy of the Community Pet Project Website, […]
Tips from your Realtor Tidy Space….Tidy Mind – Monday Mindfulness Tidy Space… Tidy Mind – Monday Mindfulness. As a Realtor, I have many offices.  Between work, home office and car office, there is always the risk of becoming overwhelmed.  Keeping organized, assists me in having a clearer mind when I feel that I have everything in its place. The art of mindfulness is essential. Mindfulness […]
Tips from your Realtor Feeling Hot! Planting for Success Feeling hot! Planting for success is an absolute must in Florida. Phew! Is everyone feeling the heat at the moment? Choosing our landscaping can be a challenging task.  If you are a novice in the garden, then like me, you will appreciate these articles.  I want my garden to look the best it can, but […]
Knowing me...Knowing you! The Joy of Closing The joy of closing with your clients is immense. After, what can seem an eternity you are finally sitting around the closing table. Recently, I had the pleasure of closing three transactions in short succession, and it was the best feeling.  Upon reflecting on these occasions, I understood my purpose as a Realtor.  From the […]
Tips from your Realtor Mortgage Shopping – What do I need to know? Mortgage Shopping can be a minefield of the unknown.  The current market, where anxiety has risen, there has never been a better time to understand how you can shop with confidence. When we are researching a purchase for our home, planning for the next vacation or simply going out to a restaurant, we oten will […]
Tips from your Realtor Maximizing your Outdoor Living Space! As you sip on your morning coffee, or dine alfresco in the summer evening, your outdoor living should compliment your mood. After a hard day at work, your chance to enjoy the Floridian summer night can be enriched by making some changes to your space. My own home rennovation projects are in full flow, and […]
Charity Favors for Furbabies – Community Pet Project The Community Pet Project is very dear to my heart.  As an Ambassador for the organization, I am delighted that our team at Dennis Realty & Investment Corporation has developed this awesome event. Favors for Furbabies is aimed at collecting much needed items and supplies.  These supplies will directly support the local animals in the […]
Tips from your Realtor Open House – Realtor Readiness to sell your home! This weekend is “Open House” Weekend, for one of the properties I have listed, which is part of readiness to sell your home. It made me think about the importance of an Open House, and why, as a Seller, or even a Buyer, the Open House experience is essential. For the Seller, an Open House […]
Tips from your Realtor Hurricane Emergency Preparedness – Getting Ready for June 1st Good Evening Everyone!   June 1st signals the start of a new month, but equally the beginning of Hurricane Season.   As your local Realtor I wanted to share with you some hints and tips for Hurricane Preparedness.   Don’t forget to also check out your local County Emergency Management Planning Website, which has a […]