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Hurricane Ian – Recovery Support

Hurricane Ian – Recovery Support

Firstly, I want to send my heartfelt wishes to all those that have endured physical and emotional trauma from recent Hurricane Ian.  This destructive storm, destroyed not only property, but also the emotional impact was immense.

In an effort to share information, I have researched some key information that may be of support to those in need.

Here is the direct link for the Florida website for disaster relief.



This is the link to an article, directly from the FEMA website, on how FEMA is helping those who have endured Hurricane Ian



Here is the link for the Disaster website, which you are directed to from the FEMA website for assistance support.


From Real Estate perspective – if you are a homewner or a renter, then there is help.  Here is a link to the Fannie Mae website for Hurricane Ian information and assistance.


As aforementioned earlier – a disaster, such as Ian creates emotional trauma.  The following article shares some valuable support on how to respond to these emotional challenges that we face.

Importantly, you must give yourself time to ‘grieve’.  Losing a home, lifestyle or indeed a person is a bereavement, and in the midst of working through the aftermath, it is essential to recognize that you must grieve.

Remember, that there are people who can assist you, and don’t be afraid to ask.  Florida communities always come together during these times to assist those in need, whether it be food, shelter or even a hug!


From the bottom of my heart, I send everybody love and support during this time.