Knowing me...Knowing you!Special Events & Community August 27, 2022

Florida Realtor Conference – Realtor Knowledge = Client Satisfaction

Realtor Knowledge = Client Satisfaction

I am a firm believer that knowledge-based care is important. This is no less true in the world of Real Estate.

During the week, I had the pleasure of attending the Florida Realtors Conference, which was enriched with education, networking, and of course a little fun thrown in.

Our conference was a great space, for me to develop greater knowledge of current matters, the landscape of real estate, and to develop skills to better assist my clients. Whilst, for those of you have attended industry based conferences would know, there is a great emphasis towards empowering your own business.

My learning took me on a path of ‘mindset’,, and how my individual mindfulness can better represent you, my client.  Acknowledging your needs, aside from the structural and interior features of a home, and to the motivation, need (sometimes necessity) for a move, the importance of amenities and the importance of communication with you are essentials to strengthening our relationship. Becoming a rounded agent, were focal points of my education sessions.  Self-care, enables me to serve you better!

The Expo portion of the conference, facilitated the opportunity for me to network with a range of Vendors.  Lenders, Home Inspectors, Insurance, Marketing Platforms and Industry Leaders among some.  Being able tlo network, allowed me to expand the resources that I have available to share with my clients.

Need vacant land lending- I have options. Need Home Insurance- I have options.  Need a Home Inspector – I have options.  You get my point! The raft of opportunities opens up discussions and choices that my clients can investigate.  Compounded by the multidue of other Realtors who I met.

Whilst you may consider it strange to engage with the “competition” – it is quite the contrary. We all have the same goal, which is to serve our clients in the best way.  Spending time getting to know my peers is essential, as they may be a future Buyer’s Agent, or Listing Agent that I work with.

Forging these relationships is essential, and pave the way for a smooth transaction for our clients.

Navigating Real Estate is not a journey that can be completed in isolation.  It is one that collaborates, negotiates, optimizes resources and opens opportunities. Coupled with Education, I believe this makes for a solid foundation and makes me a much more seasoned professional to assist you!

Did I mention Martha Stewart? What an icon of the business world, and a lady who garners so much knowledge, sharing with others to see them succeed! This was a captivating interview to watch. Martha – you rock!!!

I captured some of my time at the Conference, but I wanted you to know that I am committed to being your local and global Realtor, and being at the heart of knowledge, networking and professional development to provide the best outcome for you!

Happy Saturday Folks! Here are some pics!