Tips from your Realtor July 11, 2022

Tidy Space….Tidy Mind – Monday Mindfulness

Tidy Space… Tidy Mind – Monday Mindfulness.

As a Realtor, I have many offices.  Between work, home office and car office, there is always the risk of becoming overwhelmed.  Keeping organized, assists me in having a clearer mind when I feel that I have everything in its place.

The art of mindfulness is essential. Mindfulness allows us to focus, understanding the different energy that effects our lives.  Living and working in a cluttered environment can leave us feeling out of control, which in turn feeds into feelings of anxiety and agitation.  By recognizing how how space and the way we use it can impact us emotionally, can support and reduce these feelings.  Here is also an interesting article about mindfulness that you may find inspiring.

The articles that follow, help us strategize and think differently about our space.  Many of the measures we apply to our work space can also be mirrored to our personal space.

Let this be your mindfulness Monday! Take care of yourself!


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