Tips from your Realtor July 5, 2022

Feeling Hot! Planting for Success

Feeling hot! Planting for success is an absolute must in Florida.

Phew! Is everyone feeling the heat at the moment?

Choosing our landscaping can be a challenging task.  If you are a novice in the garden, then like me, you will appreciate these articles.  I want my garden to look the best it can, but in these soaring temperatures, it is great to understand what plants will work well.  Water, is also an essential resource.  These guides will also promote those plants which need the least watering, but will look fabulous!

I love to relax in my garden.  Taking a cold Ice-Tea, Soda or Water and enjoying the tranquility that the garden and nature provides us.

Take minute to read these articles, and inspire your green finger to optimize your garden.


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