Knowing me...Knowing you!Tips from your Realtor June 28, 2022

The Joy of Closing

The joy of closing with your clients is immense.

After, what can seem an eternity you are finally sitting around the closing table.

Recently, I had the pleasure of closing three transactions in short succession, and it was the best feeling.  Upon reflecting on these occasions, I understood my purpose as a Realtor.  From the outset of each transaction, getting to my know my clients’ needs was essential to understanding the home they were seeking.  In that moment, when documents are being signed and notarized, and you see the expressions on the clients’ faces, it hits home the importance of this journey.

I was watching a television program last night on Real Estate, and one of the clients spoke of their life and the impact of owning their home meant to them.  For this individual, they had spent much of their life homeless, and at this moment, they were purchasing a house that they could finally call ‘home’.  The home purchase was just a part of the emotional and psychological security this transaction meant for the individual.  This transaction meant security, confidence, self-worth and most of all – a future.  It was truly inspirational, learning that a home does not solely represent a building, but for many represents a ‘destination’.  They have arrived, on a journey to a destination of their choosing and they had been successful.

If you are thinking about your new journey, then know that I am here to support you.

If you choose to work with me in findng your new home, then what can you expect?

  1. Tailored Searches for your new home – This is achieved by getting to know your needs and desires for your new home.
  2. Customer Service & Communication – My priority is to ensure that you are supported.
  3. Honesty and Integrity – Know that I am there to find you the best home for your needs at the best value.
  4. Discussion and Transparency – Know that we are going to talk through documents, explore contracts and understand the journey to the closing table.

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