Tips from your Realtor June 24, 2022

Mortgage Shopping – What do I need to know?

Mortgage Shopping can be a minefield of the unknown.  The current market, where anxiety has risen, there has never been a better time to understand how you can shop with confidence.

When we are researching a purchase for our home, planning for the next vacation or simply going out to a restaurant, we oten will take time to research.  The principal of research is equally as important when shopping for our home.

The following article seeks to clarify the steps that we can take to understand our market. Researching our mortgage options, and through informed processes can assist in the decision making process.

From meeting your potential Loan Officer.  Asking questions. Understanding your products.  Making a Selection. Finalizing your package.  All of these steps should be taken at a pace which you feel comfortable with, and as your Agent, I do have Loan Officers that I work with.

In my research, I found an interesting article courtesy of Rocket Mortgage, explaining the different types of mortgage.  This article is included, for your reference, especially as a First-Time Buyer, when the world of real estate can be daunting.

I want you to know, that education is key, and that as your Realtor, I want to provide you with the best knowledge to make the informed decision.  I got you!

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