Charity June 8, 2022

Favors for Furbabies – Community Pet Project

The Community Pet Project is very dear to my heart.  As an Ambassador for the organization, I am delighted that our team at Dennis Realty & Investment Corporation has developed this awesome event.

Favors for Furbabies is aimed at collecting much needed items and supplies.  These supplies will directly support the local animals in the community, who share their love, but often their owners, who cherish them, don’t have easy access to resources.  Recently I spent time with Rhonda, and the team at the Community Pet Project.  I met those who benefit from their kindess – my heart was full.  Our community pets provide much more than just snuggle times for those, often in difficult situations.  They provide emotional support to their owners, a sense of security and the feeling of family.

You can check out their website to see the wonderful work they do.  The Communiyt Pet Project Facebook Page is great.   You can see  how Rhonda and the Volunteers not only fundraise, but also champion events that show how their hard work makes an impact to the community.

If you would like to offer some food, bring a squeaky toy, a collar/leash, or any generous gift, then we are accepting these at our offices in Lutz and Hernando Beach – we appreciate you!