Tips from your Realtor June 5, 2022

Open House – Realtor Readiness to sell your home!

This weekend is “Open House” Weekend, for one of the properties I have listed, which is part of readiness to sell your home.

It made me think about the importance of an Open House, and why, as a Seller, or even a Buyer, the Open House experience is essential.

For the Seller, an Open House offers an opportunity to create greater exposure to your home.  Offering an opportunity to celebrate the home, an Open House, gives those potential Buyers, who might otherwise be restricted in viewing your home due to their schedule, have time to view your home.  Being able to host the Open House, invites Buyers to come and experience the interior of your home, immerse themselves in the exterior and local neighborhood, and identify the local amenities which are important to them.  Journeying to your Open House, the Buyer may also be able to compare your home to others in the local area.

Preparing for an Open House as a Seller is essential.  As your Realtor, I will naturally share with you hints and tips to welcome your potential Buyers to your home, for example:

  1. Depersonalize your home – removing some of your more personal and sentimental belongings, creates a more neutral interior, for the Buyer to be able to envision their own items in the home.
  2. Choose some select music which invites Buyers to the property.  Traditionally, classical or easy listening music makes for a relaxing environment for the Buyer to meander throughout the property, all the time considering the benefits of the home to their needs.  As your Realtor, I will be happy to select some music with you and ensure that during the Open House it is subtly playing in the background.

There are several ways, which as your Realtor, I would assist you in planning for your Open House event, and of course, my role in being present for the special day(s).

As a Buyer, there are some ways in which you can be prepared.  After selecting the homes that you would like to preview, make a list of questions that you might have regarding the property.  These are always helpful to be able to share with the Realtor.  Make sure that you get a copy of the materials that the Realtor has prepared at the Open House, as this will help you reflect on what you saw.

Always know, that if you are reading this, and you have not yet found your Realtor, then I am happy to assist you.

As a Realtor, who undertakes Open Houses, it is my opportunity as the Listing Agent, to celebrate your home.  Answering questions from potential Buyers, and utilize marketing opportunities available to me to market the Open House prior to the day.  For example, one of my favorite methods is to do short videos, welcoming people to attend our Open House, and even if they cannot get there on the day, then I am happy to offer a Virtual Open House for them.  Yes, before you ask – I do provide sweets and treats at the Open House – it is a ‘must have’! 🙂

Open Houses, can be a concern for some Sellers, as they may worry about security of the home.  Please discuss your personal situation with your Realtor, as we are always happy to listen and respond to these needs.  We want you to feel confident in your Open House experience.

Anyhow, thinking about the Open House, I must dash, as I am going to host an Open House 🙂 If you have any questions about Buying or Selling your home, then please reach out to me at (352) 601 8446

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Happy Sunday Everyone!