Tips from your Realtor May 31, 2022

DIY Tuesday! Kitchen Opportunities

DIY Tuesday Tips!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Hoping that you all had a wonderful Memorial Weekend.  This time offered for quality enjoyment with family and loved ones and doing exciting activities.

I am sure that, unlike me, you were not busy spending time power washing the house! Such fun!

As you know, like many of you – I am in the process of remodeling my home, leading me into doing a lot of research, and I would like to share this research with you.

Today I wanted to share with you a couple of articles about Countertops and Kitchen materials which are hardwaring.  I want a Kitchen which can withstand the tests of time, let alone my attempts at cooking – which in itself would be an achievement!  I am excited about building a kitchen that can look good, feel good and with some luck, assist me in producing some tasty food!

Please, take some time to read these great articles!

Let me know if you would like any particular information, and I will see what I can find!

Sending you all my best wishes for the coming week.

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