Assisted Living Support May 24, 2022

Assisted Living Facility – Buying and Selling!

Making the decision to either Buy or Sell an Assisted Living Facility, often refered to as an ALF is monumental.

From experience of owning, operating and working in Assisted Living for 22 years, I feel that I am suitably positioned to help you through this process.

If you are thinking of purchasing an existing Assisted Living Facility, or acquiring a piece of property to develop into an Assisted Living Facility, then there is a narrative of real estate purchasing to navigate, but equally understanding the licensure process in Florida.  The Agency for Health Care Administration, has a protocol for all Providers to follow in establishing either a Change of Ownership or Initial (Brand New Licensure) for owning and operating an Assisted Living.  This process can be overwhelming, especially if you are new to Assisted Living, but I am here to help you, either directly by experience, or by introducing you to a network of valuable individuals that I have had the pleasure of working with.  From Financial Planning, Emergency Management Planning to tasks such as Menu Planning – I have been blessed with a circle of support, and I would love to introduce them to you.  The process of purchasing does not have to be overwhelming.  You may have some of these frequently asked questions:


  1. What are the differences in buying a large ALF to a smaller one?  What are the expectations?
  2. Are there ‘RULES’ in running an ALF?
  3. Do I have to have training to own/manage an ALF?
  4. How big do the rooms have to be?
  5. How many staff do I need to have?
  6. What training do my staff need and how do I access this?
  7. What Zoning do I need, and who do I speak to?
  8. Do I need a generator?
  9. Where is the Application and what do I need to do?
  10. How do I brand and market my ALF?

These are questions which I can answer.

In contrast, if after spending dedication to the Assisted Living Facility, you have taken the decision to sell, then I would be there for you to navigate and celebrating your facility.  Understanding your Assisted Living Facility, it’s operation, census, location and the unique brand which you have, and working with potential Buyers.  Buyers have questions, and as a Realtor who has served the sector for over 22 years, I can support the Buyer’s Agent in answering these questions and providing resources that they can access.

Your journey in Real Estate & Assisted Living is different to the next person.  I would welcome an opportunity to sit down with you, and understand how your personalized plan needs to be tailored.

Why am I qualified?

  • Owner and Operator of Assisted Living Facilities, Day Care and Home Health Services in Florida and the United Kingdom for over 22 years.
  • Core Trained Administrator in the State of Florida for Assisted Living Facilities.
  • Core Trainer with the Agency for Health Care Administration for Assisted Living Facility Administrators and Managers.
  • Experience of Consultancy for Assisted Living Facilities for Opening ALF’s, Compliance Surveys and Developing Plans of Correction.
  • Written Assisted Living Facility specific Training in the State of Florida.

I care about you and your business, and ultimately the residents that you are or have been caring for.

If you would like to know more, then please contact me on (352) 601-8446 or email me at