Tips from your Realtor May 19, 2022

Making your “Home Sweet Home”

Happy Thursday to my wonderful followers;

I have recently, like many of you, purchased a home, which needed some TLC.  My husband and I have been, and I use the term loosely ‘strategically’ planning our approach to our remodel.  This is because, we have so many ideas, that we have been starting jobs throughout the home LOL!  Have you done this too?

However, we have finally finished one room in the house – the Master Bathroom! Yay!

Why did we choose the Master Bathroom…well, we had also set ourselves the challenge of trying out new DIY techniques to repurpose some of our home, utilizing existing resources.  Being that it was our Master Bathroom, should it have gone wrong, then nobody would see it except us! LOL! Thankfully it turned out well – painting and repurposing vanities, replacing faucets, light fixtures, mirrors, installing fans – all completed, but not without articles, You Tube videos and resources along the way.

There is still SO much to do, but I wanted to assure you from one property owner to another, that YOU CAN DO IT!

Even if you are a complete novice like me…. take in small chunks at a time, and certainly become good friends with You Tube and other outlets which have the gurus to help us along the way.

With that being said – here are a couple of articles which are a great reference point.  One of these articles talks about Garage Door Paint, and we did it!  It really does work!  Adding a splash of color to your Garage Door makes a difference.

I will keep you posted on our remodel journey, and I will post some Before and After pics 🙂

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