Tips from your Realtor May 16, 2022

Your on your way to Closing, but let’s keep it smart – Understanding the Journey

Happy Monday Everyone!

Wow! What a weekend!

I spent the weekend with some fantastic clients, and this culminated in some accepted contracts for my clients, for which we are super thankful and excited for my clients.

However, for many Buyers, who are looking for a home, after tirelessly walking through and discussing what seems to be a small town of houses until you found ‘the one’, you breathe a sigh of relief when the Agent calls to say “Under Contract”.  It’s important to recognize that whilst celebrating, that you keep sharp and focused on the next few weeks.

Naturally, as a Realtor, it is my role to help you navigate, but I wanted to share this great article with you that helps trigger key reminders throughout the process, such as reading all documents, asking questions, keeping important details accurate e.g. spelling of your name and always again ask questions…….

Check out this great article folks.

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