Knowing me...Knowing you! April 29, 2022

Getting to know YOUR Realtor® – Paul Sturdgess-Hayes – Beyond the Biography

Hello Everyone!

I am sure you may have had an opportunity to read my Biography, but I wanted to share with you a little more about me.

Like you, I have been in the position of having to find a home, selling a home, and have even bought and sold businesses.  I found that my Realtor® was instrumental in understanding the type of transaction I was undertaking, educating me in the knowledge I needed and most of all being able to understand the ‘person’ and ‘family’ we were in order to best serve our needs.  After several years of working with the same Realtor®, we had built trust with them, and they personalized their care to us.  We also grew to knew them.  It is this service and longevity, that as a Realtor® I offer my clients – trust, education and longevity in our relationship are crucial elements to my commitment to you.

I want you to truly know me, and know my journey.

I am originally from the United Kingdom, transitioning to Florida in 2013, after being a ‘vacationer’ since 1989! Florida, for our family, held such fond memories, exploring the delights that Florida has to offer, beyond the traditional family fun of Disney, which in itself was always magical.  Mickey and Minnie always left an in-print on our hearts.

My prior vocation, was for 22 years, in Health Care, serving the most vulnerable in our community, through Assisted Living, Home Health and Day Care.  This journey, enabled me to embed my love of meeting people, sharing in people’s lives and finding solutions to their care needs, beyond just what they needed physically, but to the emotional, psychological and spiritual needs that they had.  These experiences over 22 years, lent support to me in my career as a Realtor®, as communication is key; forming trusted relationships and understanding the needs of my client.  The skills were truly transferable.  Being that Health Care is also ‘fast pace’ and life changing, attention to detail and responsiveness were also key – again, another transferable skill that supports me in the role of a Realtor® – as my customer, you need someone who is at the end of the phone when you need them, prompt with answers to questions, and with you, in the moment you are making the most fundamental investment – YOUR home!

As a person, away from the labels that I wear as a Realtor® and as a Health Care professional, I am both a husband and furbaby Dad!  I enjoy Singing (cover your ears!), listening to music and being engrossed in a good historical documentary.  Living in Brooksville, Florida – I am also blessed to be surrounded by history, beautiful walks and community events, that I love to be a part of.  I value being part of a strong community.

So why am I telling you all this?  It is important to me, that my clients know that I have shared in their journey, albeit in a different way – but I can personally speak to, moving internationally, moving locally, business and commercial ownership and I understand that being your Realtor® is not just about being a label, but being the one person who gets to know you, your aspirations, your expectations, be able to counsel and educate, bringing a person-centered level of care to our relationship.

I am hoping that this has given you a fuller picture (those are attached to this Blog too) of who I am.  I welcome the opportunity to get to know you, so we can create your personalized Real Estate Experience.

Have a great day!